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About Us

Al Washel is a part of the renowned Awan Group, established in 1992 as a leading supplier of specialty water treatment chemicals.

Over the span of two decades we have achieved a leadership position in this field.

The company represents leading global providers of specialty water treatment solutions for industrial and process water treatment, desalination and oil field industries

The Road Ahead

Al Washel is geared to meet the growing water treatment solutions demand by creating increased awareness of their new age solutions that range from chemicals to equipment. We intend to expand further into the gulf region in coming years with markets such as Bahrain, Kuwait etc, mainly in MENA region.


Purse the ongoing excellence in product and service with our world class partners in achieving our long terms business and financial goals.


We strongly believed the applications for water and wastewater treatment that have endless possibilities in our modern day. And the solutions to address today’s conservation and operation problems. The challenges posed by increasing demand for water solutions worldwide for superior products and services are our mission. Customer reliability, long term partnership, ethics and integrity with full scale service are the pillars of our business.


– Commodity and specialty chemical supply
– Water Filtration and Hardness removal systems
– Water Analysis and Lab Equipment / Supplies
– Plant upgrade, refurbishing and retrofitting
– Plant commission and startup
– Project and construction management
– System trouble-shoots and repairs
– Membrane replacement services.
– Operation and maintenance contracts

Products Portfolio

– Specialty water additive chemicals used in both thermal and RO (Reverse Osmosis)
– RO Membrane: 4’’, 8’’, 16’’ for sea and brackish water
– Anti-scale and anti-corrosion water treatment programs
– Media filtration
– Ion-exchangers and electro-deionization
– Brackish and seawater reverse osmosis desalination plants
– Membrane treatment systems including microfiltration, ultra filtration and nano filtration.
– Chlorination and water mains disinfection systems
– Ultra-violet disinfection systems
– Ozonation
– Chemicals used in water desalination, mainly for thermal plants
– Disinfection chemicals
– Cleaning chemicals
– Chemical Reagents

Equipment Range

– RO Plants
– Filtration Systems
– Water Softening
– Cartridge vessel
– Sewage treatment
– Chemical tanks
– Chemical dosing pumps
– Booster pumps

BWA Water Additives
BWA Additives is a part of Philadelphia Water based Berwind Corporation. BWA is one of the world’s foremost leaders in water additives.

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