Hospitality division provides hotel management services as a managing operator as well as consultancy services provider in Saudi Arabia, MENA and Far East region.

Projects under execution

Currently, the Company owns Awan Hotel in MakKah. This majestic 168 room hotel is equipped with all the modern amenities. The contemporary styling and modern look with gourmet restaurants creates the perfect ambience for resident guests and visiting patrons. More hospitality projects coming up in same region.

The Journey to Awan Bakkah

The Awan Bakkah is very special project to us because its our premier project that came through with great diligence and persistence. The project started with being a raw piece of land surrounded with rocks and the founder of Awan Bakkah envisioned the idea of creating a hotel property on the premises.

The core team came up with several concepts for the utilization of land into a hospitality property, reviewed tons of designs and developed a feasibility report on the project. Our team put personal in personal to the architecture, kitchen supplies, furniture and the entire tangible and intangible attributes that make up a 4-star hotel.The years of experience of the team coming from the Hospitality Industry and Consultation added tremendous value to the entire project.

The entire team right from the architects to the suppliers and contractors worked in a cohesive and systematic manner and the services were not just limited in developing the beautiful Awan Bakkah hotel as it stands today, but the prime focus was on rendering our experience to the entire project in terms of quality standards and investment size. The team has a know how and the best practice that is needed for a Hospitality project regulations governing by Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiques. Our services can be rendered to any of our clients who are looking to create a value generating asset from their land holdings and increase the value of their investment in a profitable, prestigious manner.Landowners with a desire to make the right investment of the right size, then we are the right partners for the same. Usually, one can expect a return on investment of about 12.5% with an estimated payback period of 5 years. We have the right team and experience to value engineer any project of this kind.

International Franchise

The company had an alliance with the international Best Western Group of Hotels(2013-2015). Best Western International, Inc., is The World’s largest Hotel chain with more than +4,000 hotels in over +100 countries and territories worldwide.

Leadership & Team

The company is headed by one of the well know Saudi business leaders, the second generation scion of the Skab Group and the founder of Awan Group, visionary entrepreneur who hails from one of the most successful business houses in the KSA and is responsible for directing the future of the Awan Group.

The group believes in the strength of the team and its people, with the conviction that our success depends on our continuing commitment to ever enduring values of integrity, loyalty, fairness, patience and dedication of our team”.